About me

about me

Hi there! I am Marjolein, a Dutch wonderer and I will be your hostess on this blog. I would like to dedicate this blog to my personal journey to find out what makes me… well… me! On this blog I will post about how I get through everyday life and finding adventure in the little things. You are very welcome to join me in my journey, and who knows, maybe we’ll find some great wonders!

Now let me introduce you to my blog! Wander to be Lost stands for the great adventure that is life. An adventure doesn’t always have to be of a great extent. Often you’ll find the greatest things by just wandering off and get yourself lost. Sometimes it just means that you end up in your local coffee shop and get to have an interesting conversation with a stranger, or discovering a city you’ve never visited before. Another way to get lost is to lose yourself in order to find yourself… If that makes any sense?

Well, let’s start, or better, let’s get lost shall we!