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About shedding fur and shooting daffodils

Around this time of year the same old feeling bestows me. Winter is slowly coming to an end and the promise of spring is just around the corner, yet it’s not quite here. Days are getting longer, daffodils are shooting from the ground but it’s still too cold to leave the house without mittens. It is what feels like decades I’ve been hibernating to survive those dreary, cold and dark days. And even though I appreciate winter and all that comes with it, I just need it to end.

However, where I’m from, winter can continue well into April. This is the time where I feel motivationally drained and I need to drag myself into doing anything. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate winter and even though I am not the most active and inspirational of people during those months I somehow accept my tardy state of being.

Every year it seems like the first thing I need to do is get myself motivated again in order for me to be ready to take on a new season. It’s like I need a spring cleaning, the mental edition. Here’s what helps me getting out of that hibernating state of mind and figurative winter coat (well, maybe not so figurative after all…).

  • I like to take a bath. A loooong bath, with bubbles and everything and get rid of that fuzzy winter coat… yes ladies, it’s finally time to shave those legs! Yes, all of it… from the ankles up! (I’m not ashamed of admitting to this, I know I’m not alone here)
  • I like to dive into my closet and dig up my favourite springy (yet-not-too-cold) outfit and dress up like I’m going out on a date. My mum always says: when you’re feeling down, put on your nicest outfit, your favourite shoes and some lipstick and all will be good. And she’s right, it works. You feel like a brand new person!
  • A change of decorations in your house makes all the difference. Finally get rid of those Christmas lights (yes, they need to go!) and replace dark candles with light pastel coloured ones. Run to the closest flower shop and treat yourself to some tulips.
  • Cook some colorful food. As soon as I open my Pinterest, vibrant coloured food jumps off my screen and instantly makes my mouth water. How is it that seasonal food gets you into a certain mood. I love how that works! So, get some fresh green asparagus and make yourself a well deserved spring dinner. Hey, and while you’re at it, decorate your table in the most spring-like fashion and sit yourself down in your beautiful outfit. I promise, you’ll feel like new again!

I’m very interested to know what your mental spring cleaning session entails, let me know in the comments below!

Let spring commence!! Xx