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The best date you will ever have!

dating yourself

I really enjoy being by myself and I am very good at entertaining myself. Always have been. Ever since I was little I could play all by myself for hours. Later when I was a teenager I went shopping alone or took myself out for a movie. When I was a student I went out to the pub by myself quite often. Like I said, I’m very good at being just with me.

I moved out to live on my own when I was 18 years old. Coming home alone to a space entirely mine and being surrounded with my own belongings immediately felt natural to me. I had all the time in the world just for me!

Then all of a sudden… there’s someone living with me and all this me-time becomes us-time. Which is great of course. However it does feel like I neglect my desire to being alone sometimes, doing those little things nobody would understand, because they’re weird to the rest of the world.

Honestly, dealing with your own weird habits is one thing, but being surrounded by those of your loved ones day in day out… Therefore, I think taking some time away from the people you see every day actually makes you appreciate them more. Also, I always feel very fulfilled whenever I spend time by myself. It makes me feel independent and self confident. It feels like I can take on the world all by myself! Furthermore, I believe it’s important taking time in order to grow and develop yourself. Having your own hobbies is healthy.

For example, last year I did a photography course. I considered it my weekly time off. I took myself out for a meal after work and went to class after that. And really, I came back home all relaxed and fulfilled ready to throw myself back into the daily rut again. I need to find me a hobby for this year tho… will keep you posted about that!

Not sure what to do on your first date with yourself? Here’s a little list of things I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing!

  • Have a coffee in your favourite coffee place. If you feel awkward sitting alone, read a book or a magazine.
  • Take yourself out for lunch or dinner. Feeling awkward again? Take out the above mentioned literature again while practicing eating alone.
  • Take yourself to see a movie. Nothing awkward here, it’s dark… just enjoy the show!
  • Take a long walk. Ok. You are allowed to bring your dog, or your neighbors’ dog.
  • Find some activity you enjoy doing. Like a course or workshop that is a weekly thing.
  • Take yourself on a city trip. This sounds like a next level date and might be a little scary at first, but honestly, seeing a city all by yourself is the best experience! You really have the time to take everything in without any distractions. I can highly recommend it!

So, what will be your first date? Let me know in the comments! I’m curious to know what kinds of dates you have with yourself, so I can add them to my dating list. And I think this summer I will take myself on another city trip!