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The perspective of things

Recently I got invited for a cuppa and a chat about an interesting opportunity at a start up within a very interesting industry. I jumped at it, because the job description was exactly what I’ve been looking for.

At one point my interviewer asked me where I saw opportunities to learn within my field of expertise. An interesting question, I thought from my perspective. It gave me the feeling they were open for personal development and supportive of an ascending learning curve within their company. And so, I answered their question with wanting to learn more about the effectiveness and implementation of social strategies and how to measure content effectiveness. During my experiences I have learned a thing or two about efficiently using social media to gain awareness and engagement, but like any field of job, you will never stop learning. She responded with a simple “interesting”.

Next question…

She mentioned my many international experiences I have  on my cv. She asked how I felt about being back in my motherland. I explained to her that it has brought me a lot, learning more of many foreign cultures and markets, but that I am very happy to be back home and that it took me serious effort to become established again in my own culture. Of course sometimes, when I think back of my time abroad it makes me nostalgic and wanting to go back to my ‘other homes’ or even explore new countries. But that was then, now it’s time to be here. Again, she responded with the same simple “interesting”.

The recruiter who approached me for this job called the next day for feedback about the interview. I said I felt comfortable and expressed my enthusiasm for the job and the company. She already received feedback from the company also;

It was this particular feedback that made me realize just how dangerously different one’s perspective of things can be. The recruiter explained to me that my interviewer had expressed some doubts about some of my comments. The first being the fact that she was afraid that I didn’t have enough to bring to the company in terms of knowledge around social media, since I told her that was the field I wished to learn more about. Secondly, she felt like I wasn’t ready to establish myself fully in The Netherlands, since I had mentioned that my experiences abroad were very valuable to me and that it sometimes makes me dream. Assumptions… very dangerous indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, the interview was very pleasant and I am happy to have had the opportunity to get to know them and their company a little better. I just want to emphasise how easily you can misinterpret one another. I felt like sharing this particular experience with you guys, as I hope that it might help you in understanding how actions may lead to unexpected reactions…

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