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the kinfolk table

The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams

Walking down the street just before the evening sets, secretly peeking into other peoples houses hoping to get a glimpse of their interiour is, I am not going to lie, something I enjoy. Seeing all those different choices in style and mixes of peculiar objects that have a special meaning for people is just very interesting to me. That’s why my instagram feed is filled with accounts that give me just that, an open window into the lives and collection of curiosities & trinkets of people. Another thing I enjoy is hoarding and reading cookbooks. I came across this beautiful book and fell for its intriguing cover. Kinfolk Magazine is known for it’s mesmerizing photography, and this book is nothing less. Opening the book is like being invited to snoop around in someone else’s cosy home, while getting served the most delicious dishes. Combining luscious recipes with a look inside is just too good to be true! This is a cookbook with a story! It tells the stories of real people from around the world, their …

hot chocolate

Chocolate haze

The other day I came across an article that revealed some rather worrisome news. It stated that we want to consume more cacao than we’re able to produce. The predictions are that the era of chocolate will be over no sooner than 2030… Shocking, I know! Luckily the masterminds of our world are working really hard to find a solution for this major problem. So let’s hope science will save our beloved chocolate!

christmas breakfast

Christmas breakfast

Of all the holidays, christmas is my favourite. You get to spoil yourself with exquisite food, be surrounded by festive decorations, splurge on gifts and spend some quality time with your loved ones. There is of course the decadent christmas dinner, but in my opinion it is breakfast on christmas day that truly gives me the holiday buzz. The aftermath of christmas eve; gifts are exchanged, bad jokes are shared and discussions are fought out. But the morning after is the time for some peace and quiet… and some more festivity! After a feast of culinary master pieces, I think it’s time for a healthy, but you know, festive breakfast to get you through christmas day. Here my tips to organise a very merry christmas breakfast.

cheese plate

Anatomy of a cheese plate

Like you may or may not know, I adore cheese! Therefore, I feel privileged living in France and being surrounded by all this deliciousness. A trip to the cheese department of the supermarket makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop. I will take just any opportunity to enjoy a nice plate of cheese. Luckily, in France there is something called apero, a good excuse to eat delicatessen and drink wine before dinner. If you would like to organise your own excuse to eat cheese, I have composed my version of the perfect cheese plate: