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yellow tram lisbon

Lingering in lovely Lisbon

The city that smells like freshly washed clothes and dried flower bouquets. Lisbon positively surprised me and stole my heart with every step (…and there were many of them) of the way during my 5 day stay! It is easily my new favorite city in Europe. The people are so unbelievably friendly and warm, it’s hard not to feel welcome. And as I was travelling all by myself I didn’t feel self conscious or insecure for one moment. Yes – that’s right, I went all by myself! Last year was a year with many happenings. And some of them took a lot of me to say the least… Therefore, I took myself on a trip for a breather and some fresh air. A tick in the box for option 6 on taking yourself on a date! Waterfalls at sunset So there I was, on the first day of my trip wandering the streets of Lisbon all by myself. I was enjoying all the impressions of the beautiful buildings, the people, the smells and the overall …

Morbidly beautiful

Recently, I was wandering around in Maastricht (The Netherlands) and came across the Museum aan het Vrijthof. Going to museums is one thing I like to do whenever I have the time, and so I decided to go inside and see what was on the menu. I always like to see a good exhibition, however this particular exhibition caused quite a stir in my personal feelings about art…

restaurant onder de leiding straat eindhoven

Places & Spaces: Onder De Leidingstraat

No need to travel far from home to discover surprising new hangouts. Cool places might just be around the corner! Like this lunchroom, Onder De Leidingstraat, where I love to hang out sometimes. It’s located in the hip and recently renovated industrial area of Eindhoven, otherwise known as StrijpS .

City trip to Porto

Finally I got the opportunity again to do what I love most, travel! I took a plane and went on a 5 day trip to Porto in Portugal. And as soon as I arrived I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. I never really like to plan my travels too much in advance because I find that the best way to explore a city is to just lose yourself in it. This way you discover the true ambience of a city and hidden treasures will reveil themselves. And -oh- did I find some great places & spaces in this city that stole my heart!

red bicycle

A two-day-stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling – the atmosphere is relaxed and the people open minded. As long as I can remember I say that I want to live on a boathouse in the canals of this beautiful city… One day I will make it happen! But for now, I still get to visit Amsterdam as a tourist. And so I did. I went on a 2 day trip to breath in as much Dutch air as I possibly could (not that kind of air – I know what you’re thinking). Many tourist visit Amsterdam every year, and unfortunately the gross decides to stay in the centre. A pity… So step out of the centre with me so that you can enjoy the beauty of this amazing city in its full potential.

Eiffel tower

Trip down memory lane

Exactly one year ago I left my beloved Paris. During my stay in Paris I had the luck to live in one of its most beautiful arrondissements: Le Marais. This district is known for its many small boutiques, cafés and explicit gay scene. To me, this district represents the diversity and vibrance of Paris. Though Paris is a fairly big city, Le Marais feels like a small community that breaths unanimity. I still miss living in Paris everyday, so I thought it was about time for a reunion with my all time favourite city! Luckily from where I live now, Paris is just a hop, skip and a train ride away. And so, I went over to see what’s new and to take a trip down memory lane. I would like to bring you along and show you some of my favourite shops and places: