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dating yourself

The best date you will ever have!

I really enjoy being by myself and I am very good at entertaining myself. Always have been. Ever since I was little I could play all by myself for hours. Later when I was a teenager I went shopping alone or took myself out for a movie. When I was a student I went out to the pub by myself quite often. Like I said, I’m very good at being just with me. I moved out to live on my own when I was 18 years old. Coming home alone to a space entirely mine and being surrounded with my own belongings immediately felt natural to me. I had all the time in the world just for me! Then all of a sudden… there’s someone living with me and all this me-time becomes us-time. Which is great of course. However it does feel like I neglect my desire to being alone sometimes, doing those little things nobody would understand, because they’re weird to the rest of the world. Honestly, dealing with your own weird habits …