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yellow tram lisbon

Lingering in lovely Lisbon

The city that smells like freshly washed clothes and dried flower bouquets. Lisbon positively surprised me and stole my heart with every step (…and there were many of them) of the way during my 5 day stay! It is easily my new favorite city in Europe. The people are so unbelievably friendly and warm, it’s hard not to feel welcome. And as I was travelling all by myself I didn’t feel self conscious or insecure for one moment. Yes – that’s right, I went all by myself! Last year was a year with many happenings. And some of them took a lot of me to say the least… Therefore, I took myself on a trip for a breather and some fresh air. A tick in the box for option 6 on taking yourself on a date! Waterfalls at sunset So there I was, on the first day of my trip wandering the streets of Lisbon all by myself. I was enjoying all the impressions of the beautiful buildings, the people, the smells and the overall …